Roadside Tire Repair Tips


As a motorist you need to be equipped with some basic tips on how you can fix some of the problems associated with motoring.   One of the common motoring challenges you are bound to face is the case of tire bursts and tire going flat.  This may happen at such a time that you need to go about your normal business or even respond to an emergency call or just planning to hit the roads.  Do you have an idea of the steps you can take to remedy the situation?   Here are the general tips.

A first check will be on your emergency supplies.   Most cars nowadays come with emergency kits that have a simple jack, a spare tire, and a lug wrench.   To ensure that these emergency kits do not fail you, you will need to check them out to ensure that they can be used in such cases of emergency.  These kits should not be in damaged conditions and also ensure that the spare tire is not as well flat.  The disappointments coming out of these scenarios are quite frustrating.  You will as such need to fix a flat spare tire and also recondition your kits like damaged lug wrenches and the jacking machine.   There are other items that you may include in your emergency kits that will make the tire change much more easier and comfortable.  These additions to your emergency kits may include items such as mats, gloves, tire gauge and a tire block. Know more about Roadside Tire Change Saskatoon.

To change your flat tire, these are the steps you will follow.  First thing for you to do is to pull over to a safe place if you are on the road and experience a flat tire.   Avoid parking around bends where other motorists may not be able to see you and as such pose traffic risks.   This therefore makes it safe to pull over and park in straight stretches of the road to avoid such eventualities.   Also remember to turn on your hazard lights for easy identification of your car and the repair ongoing.

That being done you can now loosen the lug nuts using your lug wrench and raise the vehicle off the ground with the help of the jack.  For you to know the right place to place your car jack, go to your car manual as this is often given therein since the different car models come with their recommendations on the positioning of the jack.  After you have done this you remove the lug nuts and remove the tire by simply pulling it out. Check out Gas Delivery Saskatoon for more info.


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